Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update on the job hunt

Alright so, I did not get the Minneapolis position. But I did really well! Which in itself I think is a huge accomplishment. Apparently MSP is a very difficult office to get into and there were 37 other applicants I was up against. I managed to make their top 5 and they spent a lot of time checking up on my references and chatting with my boss about me. Their MIC (Primary hiring manager) seemed really nice and said that I was strongly considered and he thought I would be a great fit for the office, and encouraged me to try again as they would be having more openings down the road.  So I thought that was pretty awesome, to even be able to stand out against such a huge panel. I will say, despite it being so far, I would definitely take it if offered in the future, the management seems really, really nice.

I've been notified that I made the panel for Portland a few days ago so I'm hoping my application makes more progress there.  There is two openings so that should help, but its not impossible their panel will even bigger than MSP's so I'm not gonna get my hopes up. I'll be happy if I can even get an interview.   Fingers crossed!

In the coming months I'm aware of openings in Tuscon, San Diego, Reno, Phoenix, and Spokane.  I'll apply for Spokane (That would be perfect), and Char, if you read this, call me crazy, but im toying with the idea of Phoenix....but probably not.   I do think I would have a good chance of at least being interviewed, but its really not where I want to be.  I do have more friends in Phoenix though, would be closer to the airport, lower cost of living would be nice, though I would absolutely hate watching storms hit Flag while im stuck in dry Phoenix. Plus I'm not sure how much time I'd get off compared to what I get now, and that's important. Then there's the management issue as well. Mainly though, I don't know if I can live in place with such little weather.  A part of me would rather take a job in the Midwest than give up real weather entirely.  So I'm leaning against that idea. Thought about it though.

There are a couple forecasters who may leave Flag in the coming months too, but I have mixed feelings about staying in Flag as a forecaster. I very much enjoy the climate here, but I hate having no social life, and I find the office to be a little clickish, sometimes favoring me - sometimes not. And from a professional standpoint, I don't think staying in Flagstaff would build on my resume the way a new location would. I could take on a whole new set of focus areas in another office and expand my skillset, but staying here I would really just be maintaining the ones I have.   So I don't know what to do about that. I know I'd apply, but I kinda hope I get picked up somewhere else before it comes to that.   That's why I'm considering everywhere so critically, I feel if I don't get something somewhere else soon, Flag will pick me up.

So that's what I've been thinking about lately. I know I should just stay selective but I fear if I am too much I'll just be staying here which isn't what I want either...I love Flagstaff, its just not where I want to be 5 or 10 years from now. I wish it was easier to pick and choose offices in this business! Oh well, guess it keeps things interesting.  I'll keep you all posted!

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  1. I am really really hoping you get a position in Portland!! That would be amazing and I know it's where you ideally want to end up! But Spokane would be cool too!! I vote no on PHX though, sorry Char.. no weather.. Keeping my fingers crossed for Portland, can't wait to hear!!