Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taking a Gamble in Las Vegas

Hey everyone!

It's been a long time since I did a blog post, but I have been soooo busy! The big news at the moment is that I accepted a promotion to be the newest General Forecaster at the NWS Las Vegas office.  I am very excited and I think the office offers me a great professional opportunity.  Many of the things they seem to value are things I really am good at and enjoy doing, including social media, multimedia, graphics, and other outreach related focus areas.   Additionally, forecasting for a major metro area and one of the busiest airfields in the country will allow me to really challenge myself, which I think is really exciting!   So far I've already had a warm reception by some of their staff and I can't wait to see what awaits me when I get settled.

As far as living in Las Vegas goes, I am excited for that as well.  There is always something going on and things to see, I love concerts so I should be in a great place to take full advantage of those types of events.   Lots of food variety for even my picky-self to eat too! I frequently end up in Phoenix to take advantage of pool weather and other attractions, and now those things will be right in my backyard!  Plus McCarran airport will allow me to fly nonstop practically where ever I choose to go, which will be amazing! There will be no excuse to be bored where I am headed.

Weatherwise, Vegas will be rather uneventful.  In a place that averages 4 inches of rainfall a year and rare snowfall, I will certainly miss Flagstaff's climate and scenery.  Undoubtedly, that is the single greatest thing about Flagstaff and I have been a spoiled rotten weatherman living here.  But despite its desert climate, Vegas is on the west edge of the Monsoon circulation and occasionally deals with major flash floods. Their forecast area can be active at times (especially summer), so I will still be getting plenty of experience issuing watches and warnings.  Again, I think its a fantastic professional opportunity and I think I will fit in with their team very well.  I just have to get used to the change in climate, and lack of snow :(

So that's my thoughts on paper for right now. The next few months will be very busy as I move and get settled in.  Sad to see the Flagstaff chapter of my life ending, it has been a great place for me, but I am very excited for the next chapter to begin.


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  1. You will be fine. I think you will enjoy your time there. I think you're a sunny warm day kind of guy so you get to work on your tan. :)

    Plus, flights are cheaper to Vegas so any of us can go for a small amount of money. Hopefully we can save up so we can really have fun. :)

    What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.