Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis - Resolved

Ok, so following up to my last post.  I still can't say I have it totally figured out, BUT, seriously, why am I in such a rush to move on?  I mean, I have a kickass schedule, travel a ton, and I see all my friends plenty anyways.  If I move, I risk giving up all of those things.  Granted, I can't keep things the way they are forever, I need to promote myself eventually, but I might as well live it up while I can.   Also, Flagstaff is an awesome place.   Its beautiful, four seasons, plenty of severe weather to entertain me, nice location, I love my job, and my management has been so good to me, why run away from all that???   So my plan is more or less, stick it out in Flagstaff, and only consider applying for jobs in highly desirable locations.  In the mean time, I'll continue to build up my resume to be top notch, so I'll be as competitive as possible when time comes to apply for something else.

My greatest fear would be moving somewhere less desirable, with a less flexible schedule, and crappy management.  Then I would really be upset, so, I might as well be picky, may mean I'll be here longer, but hopefully I'll end up where I really want to be long term.  It's still weird being the kid who always had a plan, and not having one now, but I guess that just keeps things interesting!

And as always, a music video post.


  1. Very fitting song lol, for whenever you do march on! From Flagstaff that is! I think it is cool that you are staying there for now, gives me more time to come visit you! Plus it will totally be worth it when you end up someplace totally awesome!!

  2. I learned that lesson a long time ago. Every time I had a plan something would change. I'm glad your on that boat now. As you can see, we had a plan to keep living in Parker and suddenly we're moving to the Springs?! It's fun living without a plan. Short-term plans are good cause those keep. But in the end, your life never comes out as planned but your glad you lived it to the best of your abilities. I love that you come to visit us. I'm hoping that we get to visit you some day to check out what AZ has to offer. :D